Job creation for immigrants

  • Purpose

    We encourage stable social settlement and integration by creating jobs for immigrant workers.

  • Necessity

    There are many difficulties in settling down in Korea due to the absence of a sound vocational institution accompanied by general education for immigrant workers.

    The absence of prior education and examinations for various infectious diseases such as tuberculosis is highlighted as one of the difficulties in the working area.

  • In ICSC (Immigrant Citizens' Solidarity Social Co-operative)?

    We introduce stable jobs to immigrants in connection with various companies and professional, medical institutions.

    We work to eliminate employment agencies that cause social problems such as unpaid wages and illegalities against immigrant workers.

Korean online classes through Russian language with the content of cre…

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Main text

As the number of Goryeo-in in Korea substantially increased, we created online class for learning Korean using Russian language,

to create jobs for professionals.