Cooperative child care center for Guryeo descendants Корё-сарам

  • Purpose

    Russian-speaking Koreans’ (Корё-сарам) children from the former Soviet Union, receive educational and care services by teachers, most of whom are Russian parents themselves.

  • Necessity

    We provide care services for three and four-year-olds and infants in Korea who do not receive child welfare support services from government–supported child-care centers. It provides the parents the opportunity to pursue a job or career.

  • In ICSC (Immigrant Citizens’ Solidarity Social Co-operative)

    We established a cooperative childcare center for Guryeo descendants (Корё-сарам) in Gyeonggi-do, where many Koreans(Корё-сарам) live.

    We can operate our center even during rush hours or holidays to provide customized service for parents.

    We provide bilingual education in Korean and Russian, counseling, and athletic and artistic education.